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Marine Corps Recruit Depot

Eastern Recruiting Region

Parris Island, South Carolina
Parris Island recruit barracks targeted for renovation

By Lance Cpl. David Bessey | Marine Corps Recruit Depot | November 26, 2013


One of 2nd Recruit Training Battalion’s barracks, located across from the depot parade deck here, is scheduled to have its deteriorating interior and outdated facilities renovated soon, breathing new life into the building.

The renovations to the barracks will include exterior brick repair, sealant replacement, door replacements, restroom and shower replacement, and mechanical, plumbing and fire protection upgrades.

“This is the first major renovation to the training barracks since they were built in the late 1960s,” said David Woodward, the base architect on Parris Island.

“These upgrades will bring 25 years of new life to the building,” said Woodward.

Parris Island didn’t consider building new barracks, like those constructed for 3rd Recruit Training Battalion several years ago.

Compared to the old 3rd Battalion barracks, which were built in the early 1960s, the 2nd Battalion barracks already has enough living space needed to properly house recruits, said Woodward.

The current state of the barracks has caused minor issues for the recruits living there.

Roofing problems have forced one platoon from Fox Company, 2nd Recruit Training Battalion, to be moved into trailers for safety, said Lt. Col. Michael Shuttee, the battalion commander.

When renovations begin, Fox Company will be temporarily housed in a barracks near the rifle ranges. The move is only estimated to cause minor logistical issues such as transportation needed to participate in some training events. However, most of recruit training will continue as normal, said Shuttee, a native of New Albany, Ind.

Work on the other half of the building, which houses Echo Company, will commence once the first half is complete to prevent housing and logistical strains.

All of 1st and 2nd Battalion barracks, four buildings in all, are scheduled to be renovated, said Woodward.

Construction on the barracks, Building 599, is scheduled to begin soon as the renovations on Building 591 of 1st Recruit Training Battalion are finished. The project is slated to be completed by September 2015.

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