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Marine Corps Recruit Depot


Marine Corps Recruit Depot

Eastern Recruiting Region

Parris Island, South Carolina
Parris Island welcomes newest Marines, citizens of Golf, Papa Companies

October 6, 2017

Today's graduation ceremony was a landmark for the 668 new Marines of Golf Company, 2nd Recruit Training Battalion, and Papa Company, 4th Recruit Training Battalion. Of those, 13 new Marines also became naturalized U.S. citizens.

Among the new Marines are these distinguished graduates:
Pfc. Trevor Anderson – Harrisville, Pa. – Honor Graduate, Platoon 2072
Pfc. Oshea Alexander – Brooklyn, N.Y. – Honor Graduate, Platoon 2073
Pfc. Kevin Ryan – Dorchester, Mass. – Honor Graduate, Platoon 2074
Pfc. Phong Pham – Lorton, Va. – Honor Graduate, Platoon 2076
Pfc. Thomas DiGiovanni Jr. – Stewartsville, N.J. – Honor Graduate, Platoon 2077
Pfc. James Garand – Punta Gorda, Fla. – Honor Graduate, Platoon 2078
Lance Cpl. Shantell Gonzalez – Miami, Fla. – Honor Graduate, Platoon 4034
Pfc. Lydia Borrasso – Fort Bragg, Calif. – Honor Graduate, Platoon 4035
Pfc. Rutnier Nodarseconsuegra – Hialeah, Fla. – High Shooter, Platoon 2076
Pfc. Anika Garnett – Gordon, Ala. – High Shooter, Platoon 4034
Pfc. Phoenix Paulin – Lake Odessa, Mich. – High PFT/CFT, Platoon 2078 
Pfc. Alison Davis – Kingsport, Tenn. – High PFT/CFT, Platoon 4034

Each new Marine persevered through 70 training days while passing each of the seven graduation requirements.

Additionally, before earning citizenship, applicants must demonstrate knowledge of the English language and American government, show good moral character and take the Oath of Allegiance to the U.S. Constitution.

Those new Marines who also earned U.S. citizenship are:
Pfc. Oshea Alexander – Brooklyn, N.Y 
Originally from – Trinidad and Tobago
Pfc. Horace McKenzie– Bronx, N.Y.
Originally from – Jamaica
Pvt. Poleth Nava Cuevas – Long Beach, Calif.
Originally from – Mexico
Pvt. Osvaldo Ariasmura – Milford, Del.
Originally from – Dominican Republic
Pvt. Pablo Conde –Bridgeport, Conn.
Originally from – Brazil
Pvt. Ryan Hikel – Queens, N.Y.
Originally from – Guyana
Pfc. Tobias Johnson – Melbourne, Fla.
Originally from – United Kingdom
Pfc. Hoggy Ngounou – Baltimore, Md.
Originally from – Cameroon
Pvt. Rutnier Nodarse – Miami
Originally from – Cuba
Pfc. Jose Pontinella – Sebring, Fla.
Originally from – Phillipines
Pfc. Jhoan Pupialesvasco – Charlotte, N.C.
Originally from – Colombia
Pfc. Ryan Ramroop – Bronx. N.Y.
Originally from – Guyana
Pvt. Ovaughn Dixon – Bronx. N.Y.
Originally from – Jamaica

Parris Island has been the site of Marine Corps recruit training since Nov. 1, 1915. Today, approximately 19,000 recruits come to Parris Island annually for the chance to become United States Marines by enduring 12 weeks of rigorous, transformative training. Parris Island is home to entry– level enlisted training for approximately 49 percent of male recruits and 200 percent of female recruits in the Marine Corps.

High resolution photos of the distinguished graduates and new Marines who earned their U.S. citizenship can be downloaded for free at the following link: https://www.dvidshub.net/unit/MCRD-PI.

Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island