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Parris Island Navy Marine Corps Relief Society exceeds fundraiser goal

By Cpl. Isabella Ortega | Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island | May 22, 2019


Every year Marines, sailors and their families experience financial hardships, and every year the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society raises funds to help those military members in need.

This year the Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island NMCRS raised over $209,600 dollars during the Active Duty Fund Drive, adding to the 10 million dollars gained in different NMCRS offices globally and obtaining 176% of their fundraising goal.

Christy Brown, the director of the Parris Island NMCRS, said this year’s fund drive exceeded expectations.

“This is the most that Parris Island has raised, and without the sailors’ and Marines’ dedication we would not have been this successful,” Brown said. “I’m extremely grateful and really impressed.”

Brown said the NMCRS has had a hand in supporting service members and their families in financial education and financial assistance in instances anywhere from natural disaster recoveries to interest free quick loans.

“It’s important that service members and their families know that this is a safe place to come and talk about their finances,” Brown said. “The biggest thing here is helping people find hope that they can do it, encourage them, and give them that peace of mind.”

Maj. Mark Harris, the Active Duty Fund Drive coordinator on Parris Island, said he focused on educating Marines and sailors about the fund drive and the NMCRS in order to make them aware of the benefits the organization has to offer.

“We wanted to make sure we had a hundred percent contact across Parris Island and the Eastern Recruiting Region,” Harris said. “We want every Marine that graduates during the fund drive to have a briefing on the Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society.”

The NMCRS has been supporting Marines, sailors and their families since 1904, giving back to the same community that gives to them and keeping on with their mission of providing financial aid, education and other assistance to members of the Naval Service of the United States, family members, and survivors in need.

“Life happens,” Harris said. “It’s great to have an organization that has your back.”