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Reporting Sexual Assault
Reporting Options
While the Department of Defense prefers complete reporting of sexual assaults to activate both victims’ services and law enforcement actions, it recognizes that some victims desire only medical and support services and no command or law enforcement involvement. The department believes its first priority is for victims to be protected, treated with dignity and respect, and to receive the medical treatment, care and counseling that they deserve. Under DoD’s confidentiality policy, military victims of sexual assault have two reporting options - restricted reporting and unrestricted reporting. Military retirees, dependents and other civilian victims currently may use only unrestricted reporting.
Responding to Reports of Sexual Assault
The Department of Defense and U.S. Marine Corps are committed to providing you full and complete care, treatment and counseling. We will ensure you will receive all necessary services, even if it must obtain them from civilian providers.
The position of sexual assault response coordinator has been established to coordinate sexual assault victim care.  Upon receipt of a report of sexual assault, the SARC will assign a uniformed victim advocate or victim advocate to help you obtain necessary services and to provide crisis intervention, referral and ongoing nonclinical support. Support will include providing information on available options and resources so you can make informed decisions about your case.
The advocate will accompany you, if desired, to investigative interviews, medical examinations and follow-up appointments.
Your advocate will continue to assist you until you no longer feel a need for support.

Choosing a Reporting Option
When reporting a sexual assault, victims may elect to file a restricted or unrestricted report. In a restricted report, all details of the assault will remain confidential between the victim and the advocate.The victim will have medical and counseling resources made available to them. The chain of command will be notified that there is a restricted report within the unit, but will be given no other details. No criminal investigation will be opened.

In an unrestricted report, the victim will have medical and counseling resources made available to them, the chain of command will be notified and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service will open an investigation. The victim will be able to file for a military protection order to distance themselves from the accused attacker.

If you have any questions about the reporting process or the differences between restricted and unrestricted reporting, please consult the Marine Corps Order on Sexual Assault Prevention and Response.