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MCRD Parris Island


MCRD Parris Island

Eastern Recruiting Region

"We Make Marines"
  1. Review MARADMIN 029/11. You will report to Drill Instructor School under Temporary Additional Duty, Temporary Duty Under Instruction/Permanent Change of Station Orders or Permanent Change of Assignment Orders.
  2. Documents required upon check-in:
    1. Original orders
    2. Original completed copy of commanding officer's special duty assignment screening checklist
    3. Hard copies of all approved waivers from the Commadant of the Marine Corps
    4. Medical records
    5. Dental records
  3. Pay entitlements:
    1. Basic allowance for housing:
      • If you are receiving basic allowance for housing with dependents for your spouse, child, or parent for whom you are claiming, you will continue to receive it while attending Drill Instructor School. If you are receiving basic allowance for housing own right, you will continue to receive it until you check into your assigned recruit training battalion.
    2. Basic allowance for subsistence:
      • All students will receive basic allowance for subsistence while attending Drill Instructor School.
    3. Family separation allowance:
      • All married Marines and single Marine parents, who have custody of their children, will receive family separation allowance if your family is not within 50 miles of Parris Island, S.C. You will start receiving this allowance 31 days after you report to the school; however, your allowance will be backed dated to the day you checked into Drill Instructor School.
    4. Cost of living allowance:
      • Your cost of living allowance will stop the day you are transferred from your parent command. You will continue to receive cost of living allowance with dependents if your family still resides at your parent command and will continue to receive the allowance until you and your family execute permanent change of station orders to Parris Island, S.C.
    5. Incentive pay: Incentive pay will stop the day you transfer from your parent command.
  4. Per diem:
    1. The type of orders you reported to Drill Instructor School will determine your per diem and meal and incidental expense rates. If you have questions concerning per diem and meal and incidental expense rates contact the drill instructor school administration chief at 843-228-3158.
  5. Family:
    1. You are not authorized to move your family members prior to or while attending Drill Instructor School.
  6. Mailing address:
    • BOX 15500
    • PARRIS ISLAND, SC 29905
  7. Billeting:
    1. Students will be billeted on Parris Island at the Osprey Inn. Each room has the following: TV, microwave, coffee pot, refrigerator, two racks, three wall lockers, clock radio, iron, ironing board, linen, towels, and two desks.
  8. Air travel:
    1. Military transportation will not be provided from the airport to Parris Island, SC.
  9. Check-in procedures:
    1. Uniform:
      • Service Alpha - trousers with the garrison cap.
    2. Location:
      • Drill Instructor School, 942 Santo Domingo St.
    3. Time: Students are encouraged to check-in early on check-in day, to provide more time to organize personal belongings and prepare for Administrative day 1.
      1. Check-in hours on check in day:
        1. 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
        2. 1:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
      2. After hours check-in:
        1. After 6:30 p.m., go directly to the Osprey Inn, 843-228-2744, and report to Drill Instructor School the following morning in Service Alphas.
  10. Uniforms:
    1. Students reporting to Drill Instructor School must have their basic military issue as set forth in Marine Corps Bulletin 10120 fiscal year individual clothing allowances for enlisted personnel. All clothing must be serviceable and marked in accordance with Marine Corps Uniform Regulation P1020.34G.
  11. Physical training:
    1. The physical training program is demanding and progressive in nature. Students should prepare themselves for this program by increasing their upper and lower body strength while developing a high level of cardiovascular endurance. Historically, students experience problems negotiating the obstacle, confidence, and endurance courses due to a lack of endurance or upper body strength.
  12. Miscellaneous:
    1. The following items are required prior to administrative day one. The military clothing store stocks the items specifically required for Drill Instructor School. Students are encouraged to have at least $200 on hand to purchase miscellaneous items.
      • ID card armband
      • Three pairs of green physical training shorts without logos or side pockets
      • Three sets of Marine Corps issued green sweat pants
      • Four pairs of white ankle-high socks without markings or logos.
      • One pair of serviceable running shoes
      • One olive drab green elbow type flashlight
      • Five black plastic name tags with last name in white 1/2 inch block letters. These can be purchased at the Parris Island engraving shop.
      • Two neon yellow reflective belts with velcro stips
      • Drill Instructor School Mess Night is the last week of school.