Weapons and Field Training Battalion


The Weapons & Field Training Battalion conducts entry level marksmanship training, annual requalification training in rifle and pistol, field training, and facilitates the culminating event of recruit training, the Crucible.
In phase two of recruit training, recruits receive formal instruction and hone the skills necessary to maintain and accurately fire the M16-A4 on four live-fire rifle ranges. Each range is supervised by approximately 40 Marines who have completed a demanding course of marksmanship instruction to provide the highest caliber of weapons training in the world.
In phases two and three of recruit training, Marines from Field Training Company teach recruits the fundamentals of living in the field and surviving and winning on the modern battlefield, including chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense. These duty experts have honed their skills through a unique blend of classroom instruction and hands on experience leading Marines in the operating forces.

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