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MCRD Parris Island


MCRD Parris Island

Eastern Recruiting Region

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Scheduled Depot-Wide Power Outage

November 15, 2019


The Depot will experience one 20 minute outage from approximately 0900 to 0920 followed by the possibility of multiple, short 5 minute outages. Necessary testing and work will take approximately 4 hours but all planned outages are expected to be complete at 1000. 


The following buildings will not be impacted as they have backup generators: Bldg. 295 (Server Vault only), bldg. 670 Medical, bldg. 455 EMS, bldg. 504 CDC, bldg. 1050 Telephone, bldg. 409 MCX (lighting only), bldg. 6001 (Alarm and lighting only), bldg. 286 EOC, bldg. 864 COMM switch, bldg. 4002 repeater station, and the front gate buildings.


The purpose of these outages is to upgrade equipment in the main power station to allow the installation to sell excess solar power back to the local power grid.


Questions please contact Mr. Tony Harback, Facility Program Specialist Ext. 228-4654.

Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island