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Recruit Training Regiment 


Mission: The mission of Drill Instructor School is to further develop the leadership, command presence, instructional ability, knowledge, and physical condition of the selected noncommissioned officers, staff noncommissioned officers and officers to successfully perform the duties of a drill instructor or series commander.
We are the Marine Corps' premier leadership school!



Points of Contact

Coordinating Instructions

MCBUL 10120

Series Commander Course

Drill Instructor School is tasked with training the Marines that make Marines.

The mission of Drill Instructor School is to further develop the leadership, command presence, instructional ability, knowledge and physical condition of selected staff noncommissioned and noncommissioned officers to successfully perform the duties of a drill instructor.

The school not only prepares Marines for an arduous tour as a Marine Corps drill instructor, but it additionally hones their skills as professional warriors. The school takes great pride in the fact that our graduates will not only shape the future of the Marine Corps as they train future Marines, but when they return to the operating forces, they will be the Marines who will lead future efforts for our Corps. 

Drill Instructor School was formally established in October 1952 and over the years has increased its length from four weeks to the current 11 weeks. Although the course length has changed, the mission of the school has remained constant.

The focus of the instruction and training established in the course syllabus of the 1950s and 1960s is very similar to the program of instruction the school uses today. Emphasis is placed on standard operating procedures for recruit training, drill, physical fitness, general military subjects and instructional techniques. Overall, leadership is the cornerstone of the course. Ensuring each student has a sound foundation of the basic leadership traits and principles coupled with solid command presence will allow them to set the proper example for their recruits. 

Nine drill instructors, each a gunnery sergeant or staff sergeant, serve as squad instructors. These Marines have completed at least one tour as a drill instructor and each has been hand-picked to train and mentor the Corps' future drill instructors. In addition to serving as an instructor and subject-matter expert for a particular subject area, they are also assigned a squad of eight to 10 students, which they lead, mentor and counsel throughout the 11-week training cycle.

The director of Drill Instructor School is a major. The assistant director is a captain with experience in a recruit training company and serves as the primary instructor for the Series Commander Course.

The first sergeant for Drill Instructor School is a former drill instructor who uses his extensive experience to supervise and mentor the staff and fulfill the duties as the senior enlisted advisor at the school.

Drill INstructor Creed

"These recruits are entrusted to my care. I will train them to the best of my ability. I will develop them into smartly disciplined, physically fit, basically trained Marines, thoroughly indoctrinated in love of Corps and country. I will demand of them, and demonstrate by my own example, the highest standards of personal conduct, morality and professional skill."


DI School Students Important Information


  • Money for uniforms and other items needed. (Quarter Sales)
  • Ensure you have your entire Sea Bag Issue. (hint** wall locker inspection)
  • Please bring a set of Business Casual Attire (ie. Collared Shirt, Slacks/Skirt, Belt, Dress Shoes. (No Jeans, Sneakers, T Shirts)
  • No faded utilities.
  • No out of regulation boots.
  • Bring plain green physical training shirts.
  • Bring green physical training shorts with no logo's or no front pockets. (Pocket in rear authorized)
  • 2 canteens.
  • Full size elbow moon beam.
  • Sunblock/Bug Spray.
  • Glow strap.


Travel/Pier diem/DTS/Orders
  • For DTS Per diem $18.90 per day (Government Meal Rate)
                 Lodging  $30.00 per day
**Please ensure you have a copy of the Authorized Travel Orders/ TAD Orders/TEMINS/ PCA/ PCS Orders.**
**Ensure you have a copy of your APPROVED Authorized Travel Orders/ TAD Orders/TEMINS/ PCA/ PCS Orders.**
** Admin day 1 begins at 0800. Students who are flying, ensure you arrive no later than 1630 on Admin day 1. If you are going to arrive later than that call 843-228-2956.*



Director: 843-228-3000
Assistant Director: 843-228-2657
First Sergeant: 843-228-3352
Administration Office: 843-228-3158/2956
Osprey Inn: 843-228-2744


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Veterans Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255, Press 1



Director, Drill Instructor School

Maj. Brain D. Hall

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Assistant Director, Drill Instructor School

Captain Ziaire A. O’Brien

Captain Ziaire A. O’Brien was born on Long Island, NY on March 23, 1992. Candidate O’Brien graduated Officer Candidate's School, Platoon Leader’s Class in July 2012 and July 2013. On 9 May 2014 Candidate O’Brien received his commission to the rank of Second Lieutenant. Second Lieutenant O’Brien...

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First Sergeant, Drill Instructor School

1st Sgt. Juan P. Segura

Juan P. Segura was born in Dominican Republic, on 24 August 1981.  He graduated from Barbara Goleman Senior High School in Miami, Florida in 2000.  Juan P. Segura enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2000 and attended recruit training at Alpha Company, 1st Recruit Training Battalion, Marine Corps Recruit...

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Chief Instructor, Drill Instructor School

Master Sgt. Jose Mireles

Master Sergeant Jose A. Mireles was born in Midland, TX. He enlisted in the Marine Corps and attended recruit training in Company A, First Recruit Training Battalion, Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD), San Diego, CA, on July 2002. He reported to Company I, School of Infantry, Camp Pendleton,...

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