Recruit Training

The objective of recruit training is to produce basically trained Marines who have embraced our core values and legacy. They should be the epitome personal character, selflessness and military virtue. Every Marine should leave Parris Island with a mastery of the areas of discipline, character development, military bearing, Espirit de Corps, Marine Corps common combat skills and combat conditioning.

Recruit training is inherently stressful for the young men and women who come to Parris Island. They will face a demanding change in lifestyle, acculturation to a military routine and a fear of the unknown.

This training environment has proven to be effective for generations of Marines. Marines who are shaped by their experiences and rigorous training are instilled with the traits to make them better citizens and prepared for the challenges of military life.

Recruit training must remain demanding, formal, and challenging in order to achieve the desired end state: making a basic Marine. These basic Marines must be instilled with the discipline to obey orders, respect authority, and uphold our warrior ethos.

The Recruit Training Matrix has a schedule of what recruits will face each day through all 13 grueling weeks of training on Parris Island.

For a more thorough explanation of each major challenge, visit the By week training summary page. The Graduation Requirements page lists the standards recruits must meet before leaving the island as Marines. The Crucible page has a description of the final challenge recruits face before officially earning the title of U.S. Marine.

  Recruit Training Matrix

Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island