Depot Orders

SSIC 1000 - Military Personnel

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DepO 1020.6P w Ch 1Uniform OrderDepo 1020.6P w Ch 1 Uniform Order.pdf
DepO 1040.1AEnlisted Retention and Career Development ProgramDepO 1040.1A Enlisted Retention and Career Development Program.pdf
DepO 1050.6GLeave and Libo OrderDepO 1050.6G LEAVE AND LIBO ORDER.pdf
DepO 1100Relief of RFC or GOSDepo 1100 Relief of RFC OR GOS.pdf
DepO 1300.1 Personnel Assignment and Reporting ProceduresDepo 1300.1 PERSONNEL ASSIGNMENT AND REPORTING PROCEDURES.pdf
DepO 1301.1.36B Assumption of Command CG FieldsDEPO 1301.36B ASSUMPTION OF COMMAND CG FIELDS.pdf
DepO 1320.1G w Ch 1Depot Sponsorship ProgramDepO 1320.1G Ch 1 Depot Sponsorship Program.PDF
DepO 1326.6 w Ch 1SOP for Psychological Screening or Special Duty RTR PersonnelDepO 1326.6 w CH1-SOP FOR PSYCHOLOGICAL SCREENING OF SPECIAL DUTY RTR PERSONNEL.pdf
DepO 1400.2PDepot Meritorious PromotionsDepO 1400.2P Depot Meritorious Promotions.PDF
DepO 1500.10EMarine Corps Water Survival Training ProgramDepO 1500.10E Marine Corps Water Survival Training Program.PDF
DepO 1500.60Force Preservation Council ProgramDepO 1500.60 FORCE PRESERVATION COUNCIL PROG.pdf
DepO 1510.29DMartial Arts Training OrderDepO 1510.29D MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING ORDER.pdf
DepO 1513.6HRecruit Training Order w Ch 7DepO 1513.6H Recruit Training Order.pdf
DepO 1513.8C Crucible Order Pt 1DepO 1513.8C Crucible Order PT1.pdf
DepO 1513.8CCrucible Order Pt 2DepO 1513.8C Crucible Order PT2.pdf
DepO 1550.9MFood Sanitation TrainingDepO 1550.9M - Food Sanitation Training.pdf
DepO 1560.5EDepot VolEd ProgramDepO 1560.5E - Depot VOLED Program.pdf
DepO 1601.1EInterior Guard SOPDepO 1601_1E INTERIOR GUARD SOP.pdf
DepO 1610.7B w Ch 1Performance Evaluation (Fitness Report) Submission SOPDepO 1610.7B CH 1 - PERFORMANCE EVALUATION (FITNESS REPORT) SUBMISSION SOP.pdf
DepO 1650.17FAwards ProgramDEPO 1650.17F AWARDS PROGRAM.pdf
DepO 1650.19ASailor of the QuarterDepO 1650.19A SAILOR OF THE QUARTER.pdf
DepO 1700.12GPossession, Consumption, and Sales of Alcoholic BeveragesDepO 1700.12G Possession, Consumption and Sales of Alcoholic Beverages.pdf
DepO 1710.29FRecreation and Picnic AreasDEPO 1710.29F RECREATION AND PICNIC AREAS.pdf
DepO 1710.31BChildren in Self CareDepO 1710.31B CHILDREN IN SELF CARE.PDF
DepO 1730.3Management of Alcohol in Command Religious ProgramsDepO 1730.3 MANAGEMENT OF ALCOHOL IN COMMAND RELIGIOUS PROGRAMS.pdf
DepO 1730.4GSOP for Religious Ministry Teams and CRPDepO 1730.4G SOP FOR RELIGIOUS MINISTRY TEAMS AND CRP.pdf
DepO 1752.2A SOP SAPRDepO 1752.2A SOP SAPR.pdf
DepO 1752.3BFamily Advocacy ProgramDepO 1752.3B Family Advocacy Program.PDF
DepO 1754.9BMCRD-ERR Unit, Personal, and Family Readiness ProgramDepo 1754.9B MCRD-ERR Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program.pdf
DepO 1910.10LProcessing of Recruit Personnel for DischargeDepO 1910.10L PROCESSING OF RECRUIT PERSONNEL FOR DISCHARGE.pdf

SSIC 2000 - Telecommunications

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DepO 2000.1DEnterprise Mass Notification SystemDepO 2000.1D ENTERPRISE MASS NOTIFICATION SYSTEM.pdf
DepO 2060.1F w Ch 1Management and Operation of the Depot Telephone SystemDEPO 2060.1F W CH1 MANAGEMENT AND OPERATION OF THE DEPOT TELEPHONE SYSTEM.pdf
DepO 2060.2EStanding Operating Procedures for Emergency Communications CenterDepO 2060.2E Standing Operating Procedures for Emergency Communications Center.pdf

SSIC 3000 - Operations and Readiness

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DepO 3058.1AMission AssuranceDepO 3058.1A -MISSION ASSURANCE.pdf
DepO 3000.1KDisaster PreparednessDepO 3000.1K Disaster Preparedness.pdf
DepO 3104.1F Combat Camera Policies and ProceduresDepO 3104.1F COMBAT CAMERA POLICIES AND PROCEDURES.pdf
DepO 3440.5KCold Weather Protective MeasuresDepO 3440.5K COLD WEATHER PROTECTIVE MEASURES.pdf
DepO 3440.9AInstallation Emergency ManagementDepO 3440.9A - INSTALLATION EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT.pdf
DepO 3504.2ACommander's Critical Information Requirements and Reporting ProceduresDepO 3504.2A Commander's Critical Information Requirements and Reporting Procedures.pdf
DepO 3590.6GIntramural Rifle and Pistol Competition ProgramDepO 3590.6G Intramural Rifle and Pistol Competition Program.PDF
DepO 3591.4LParris Island Rifle and Pistol TeamDepO 3591.4L - Parris Island Rifle and Pistol Team.pdf

SSIC 4000 - Logistics

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DepO 4064.6LDepot Laundry Services Protocol and GuidanceDepO 4064.6L Depot Laundry Services Protocol and Guidance.pdf
DepO 4200.5UAC Responsibility and PreventionDepO 4200.5 UAC Responsibility and Prevention.pdf
DepO 4400Financial Liability Investigation of Property LossDepO 4400 Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss Process.pdf

SSIC 5000 - General Administration and Management

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DepO 5000.12DIPAC SOPDepO 5000.12D IPAC SOP.pdf
DepO 5000.16AStaff RegulationsDepO 5000.16A Staff Regulations.pdf
DepO 5041.3UCommanding General's Inspection ProgramDepO 5041.3U - Commanding General's Inspection Program.pdf
DepO 5050.7FSOP Procedures for Visitor OperationsDepO 5050.7F SOP Procedures for Visitor Operations.pdf
DepO 5056Graduation Week OperationsDepO 5060 Graduation Week Operations.pdf
DepO 5060.3Morning and Evening ColorsDepO 5060.3 MORNING AND EVENING COLORS.PDF
DepO 5060.6CDepot Graduation Family Day Seating PolicyDEPO 5060.6C DEPOT GRADUATION FAMILY DAY CEREMONY SEATING POLICY.pdf
DepO 5070.2BDepot Library RegulationsDepO 5070.2B DEPOT LIBRARY REGULATIONS.pdf
DepO 5090.1Environmental Impact Review ProceduresDepo 5090.1 ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REVIEW PROCEDURES.pdf
DepO 5090.4AEnvironmental TrainingDepO 5090.4A ENVIROMENTAL TRAINING.pdf
DepO 5090.6Environmental Compliance in Demolition-Renovation Asbestos and Lead Program ManagementDepO 5090.6 ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE IN DEMOLITION-RENOVATION ASBESTOS AND LEAD PROGRAM MANAGEMENT.pdf
DepO 5104.1ARadiation Safety ProgramDepO 5104.1A RADIATION SAFETY PROGRAM.pdf
DepO 5104.2Laser Hazards Control ProgramDepO 5104.2 Laser Hazards Control Program.PDF
DepO 5110.1HMail SOPDepo 5110.1H MAIL SOP.pdf
DepO 5140.1ABand SOPDepO 5140.1A BAND SOP.pdf
DepO 5210.1Depot Records Management ProgramDepO 5210.1 Depot Records Management Program.pdf
DepO 5214.1FInformation Requirements (Reports) Management ProgramDepO 5214.1F INFORMATION REQUIREMENTS (REPORTS) MANAGEMENT PROGRAM.pdf
DepO 5215.1Directives Management ProgramDepO 5215.1 Directives Management Program.PDF
DepO 5216.1By Direction Authority- Authority to use Auto-PenDepO 5216.1 BY Direction Authority-Authority To Use Auto-Pen.pdf
DepO 5230Use of Personal Portable Electronic Device by MCRDPI PersonnelDepO 5230 Use of Personal Portable Electronic Device By MCRD PI Personnel.PDF
DepO 5232.1BW CH1 ICE Online SystemDEPO 5232.1B W CH1 ICE ONLINE SYSTEM.pdf
DepO 5239.2DMCRDPI Cyber Security ProgramDepO 5239.2D MCRDPI CYBERSECURITY PROGRAM.pdf
DepO 5350.7ASOP for the Marine Corps Alcohol Screening ProgramDepO 5350.7A SOP FOR THE MARINE CORPS ALCOHOL SCREENING PROGRAM.pdf
DepO 5360.1DMilitary FuneralsDepO 5360.1D MILITARY FUNERALS.pdf
DepO 5370.11BDebarment ProcedureDepO 5370.11B DEBARMENT PROCEDURES.pdf
DepO 5420.10CResponsibilities of the Depot Memorial CommitteeDepO 5420.10C RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE DEPOT MEMORIAL COMMITTEE.pdf
DepO 5500.9JN/ADepO 5500.9J.pdf
DepO 5510.14CInfo and Personnel Security ProgramDEPO 5510.14C Info and Personnel Security Program.pdf
DepO 5512.12BAccess Control RegulationsDepO 5512.12B ACCESS CONTROL REGULATIONS.pdf
DepO 5750.1HCommand Historical ProgramDepO 5750.1H COMMAND HISTORICAL PROGRAM.pdf
DepO 5750.4ASOP for the MuseumDepO 5750.4A SOP FOR THE MUSEUM.pdf
DepO 5760.4JPrivate Organizations Operating Aboard MCRDPIDepO 5760.4J PRIVATE ORGANIZATIONS OPERATING ABOARD MCRDPI.pdf
DepO 5060.4AForce Protection Operations in Support of Depot EventsDEPOT ORDER 5060.4A FORCE PROTECTION OPERATIONS IN SUPPORT OF DEPOT EVENTS.pdf
DepO 5800.24CRepossession of Personal PropertyDEPOT ORDER 5800.24C REPOSSESSION OF PERSONAL PROPERTY.pdf
DepO 5560.8CMotor Vehicle and Traffic RegulationsDepO 5560.8C Motor Vehicle and Traffic Regs.pdf

SSIC 6000 - Medicine and Dentistry

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DepO 6120.7ECompetence for Duty ExamDepO 6120.7E Competence for Duty Exam.PDF
DepO 6200.2SHeat Injury Prevention ProgramDepO 6200.2S HEAT INJURY PREVENTION PROG.pdf
DepO 6620.3K w Ch 1Dental Health and Operational Readiness ProgramDepO 6620.3K W Ch 1 Dental Health and Operational Readiness Program.pdf
DepO 6710.3DControl of Medication Prescribed to RecruitsDepO 6710.3D CONTROL OF MEDICATION PRESCRIBED TO RECRUITS.pdf

SSIC 7000 - Financial Management

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DepO 7010.1MCRD PI Standing Order for the Religious Offering FundDepO 7010.1 MCRD PI Standing Order for the Religious Offering Fund.pdf
DepO 7220.16EBasic Allowance for Housing (BAH) Own RightDepO 7220.16E BASIC ALLOWANCE FOR HOUSING (BAH) OWN RIGHT.PDF
DepO 7400.1Civilian Time and Attendance ProceduresDepO 7400.1 CIVILIAN TIME AND ATTENDANCE PROCEDURES.pdf

SSIC 8000 - Ordnance Material

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DepO 8000.7BInspection and Testing of Lightning Protection and Grounding Systems for Ammunition Supply PointDepO 8000_7B INSPECTION AND TESTING OF LIGHTING PROTECTION AND GROUNDING SYSTEMS FOR AMUNITION SUPPLY POINT.pdf
DepO 8020.1DExplosives Safety SOPDepot Order 8020.1D Explosives Safety SOP.pdf

SSIC 9000 - General Guidance and Administration (Ship Requirements) Records

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DepO 9070.1JDocking and Beaching of GOVDepO 9070.1J DOCKING AND BEACHING OF GOV.pdf

SSIC 10000 - General Material

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DepO 10110.33CAdministration of Basic Allowance for Subsistence for All Units 
DepO 10500.1EDisplay of State and Territorial FlagsDepO 10500.1E Display of State and Territorial Flags.PDF
DepO 10570.3BControl and Treatment of Pets and Wild AnimalsDepO 10570.3B Control and Treatment of Pets and Wild Animals.PDF
DepO 10570.4BDepot MascotDepO 10570.4B DEPOT MASCOT.pdf

SSIC 11000 - Facilities and Activities Ashore General

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DepO 11000.4Installation Public Works RegulationsDepo 11000.4 Installation Public Works Regulations.pdf
DepO 11014.8QDepot Police, Building and Ground MaintenanceDepO 11014.8Q Depot Police, Building and Grounds Maintenance.PDF
DepO 11100.5CMarine Corps Parris Island Unaccompanied HousingDepO 11100.5C Marine Corps Parris Island Unaccompanied Housing.pdf
DepO 11101.22Marine Corps Parris Island Family Housing OrderDepO 11101.22 Marine Corps Parris Island Family Housing Order.pdf
DepO 11240.3LNon-Tactical Vehicle RegulationsDepO 11240.3L Non-Tactical Vehicle Regulations.pdf
DepO 11240.8ASOP for the LSEVDepO 11240.8A - SOP FOR THE LSEV.pdf
DepO 11320.1APublic Access Automated External Defibrillator ProgramDepO 11320.1A - Public Access Automated External Defibrillator Program.pdf
DepO 11320.1BPublic Access Defibrillator ProgramDepO 11320.1B PUBLIC ACCESS DEFIBRILLATOR PROGRAM.pdf
DepO 11320.9KFire and Emergency Services RegsDepO 11320.9K FIRE AND EMERGENCY SERVICES REGS.pdf

SSIC 12000 - Civilian Personnel

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DepO 12250.1 Command Level Strategic Workforce PlanDepO 12250.1 COMMAND LEVEL STRATEGIC WORKFORCE PLAN_.pdf
DepO 12271.1Telework for Civilian MarinesDepO 12271.1 TELEWORK FOR CIVILIAN MARINES.pdf
DepO 12300.2AMCRD ERR PI Civilian Hiring ProceduresDepO 12300_2A MCRDERR PI CIVILIAN HIRING PROCEDURES.pdf
DepO 12410.6APayment for Civilian Academic Degree and Professional Credentials ProgramDepO 12410.6A Payment for Civilian Academic Degree and Professional Credentials Program.pdf
DepO 12451.1ACivilian Awards ProgramDepO 12451.1A CIVILIAN AWARDS PROGRAM.pdf
DepO 12451.2Civilian of the Quarter and Civilian of the Year AwardsDepO 12451.2 CIVILIAN OF THE QUARTER AND CIVILIAN OF THE YEAR AWARDS.pdf
DepO 12713.11AProcessing Request by Civilian Employees for Reasonable AccommodationDepO 12713.11A PROCESSING REQUESTS BY CIVILIAN EMPLOYEES FOR REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION-.pdf
Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island