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Commonly Requested Depot Orders/Directives

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DepO 1050.6GLeave and Liberty PolicyDepO 1050.6G LEAVE AND LIBO ORDER.pdf
DepO 1320.1GHDepot Sponsorship ProgramDepO 1320.1G Ch 1 Depot Sponsorship Program.PDF
DepO 1513.6HRecruit Training OrderDepO 1513.6H Recruit Training Order.pdf
DepO 1513.8CCrucible Order - Part 1DepO 1513.8C Crucible Order PT1.pdf
DepO 1513.8CCrucible Order - Part 2DepO 1513.8C Crucible Order PT2.pdf
DepO 1710.29FRecreation and Picnic AreasDEPO 1710.29F RECREATION AND PICNIC AREAS.pdf
DepO 1752.3BFamily Advocacy ProgramDepO 1752.3B Family Advocacy Program.PDF
DepO 1754.9BPersonnel and Family Readiness ProgramDepo 1754.9B MCRD-ERR Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program.pdf
DepO 1910.10LProcessing of Recruit Personnel for DischargeDepO 1910.10L PROCESSING OF RECRUIT PERSONNEL FOR DISCHARGE.pdf
DepO 3000.1KDisaster PreparednessDepO 3000.1K Disaster Preparedness.pdf
DepO 5041.3UCommanding General's Inspection ProgramDepO 5041.3U - Commanding General's Inspection Program.pdf
DepO 5050.7FSOP Procedures for Visitor OperationsDepO 5050.7F SOP Procedures for Visitor Operations.pdf
DepO 5056Graduation Week OperationsDepO 5060 Graduation Week Operations.pdf
DepO 5090.1Environmental Impact Review ProceduresDepo 5090.1 ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REVIEW PROCEDURES.pdf
DepO 5360.1DMilitary FuneralsDepO 5360.1D MILITARY FUNERALS.pdf
DepO 5370.11BDebarment ProceduresDepO 5370.11B DEBARMENT PROCEDURES.pdf
DepO 5760.4JPrivate Organizations Operating Abord MCRD PIDepO 5760.4J PRIVATE ORGANIZATIONS OPERATING ABOARD MCRDPI.pdf
DepO 5560.8CMotor Vehicle and Traffic RegulationsDepO 5560.8C Motor Vehicle and Traffic Regs.pdf
DepO 5090.3Fish and Wildlife Management and EnforcementFINAL Fish and Wildlife Management and Enforcement.pdf
Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island